About me


I am a user experience designer and product designer with knowledge in graphics design and frontend web development, with a background in law and business development.

I've created multi-platform digital and physical products for public spaces and museums for clients such as Mississippi Arts and Entertainment Experience, Johnson & Johnson Corporate Museum, Sazerac House Museum, Water.org and Stella Artois installation, and an Experience Center for Hudson Yards at Hudson Yards Mall, among others.

Prior to working in UX Design, I specialized in business development for the Latin American region. I was able to connect different players of the shopping center industry, coordinating 12 major international conferences in the USA, China, and in Latin America. These conferences aided in the opening of 8 shopping centers, and the expansion of 12 Shopping Centers in Latin America within 4 years.

In Ecuador, I co-founded a company that specializes in organic environmental control systems, with a sales growth of 15 percent within a year; and I worked as a corporate lawyer.

My background gives me a unique perspective to deliver on complex challenges, on both short and long term projects. I am passionate about structuring complex information and creating functional and intuitive interfaces.

My professional objective is to combine a unique multicultural and multidisciplinary background creating Human-Centered Experience products through research, design, testing, and iterative processes.

When I am not working in design, I am painting, singing in a chorus, and enjoying nature.